Curriculum & Methodology

With over 45 years of experience, Ecole is internationally recognized as a leader in effective language training.

The school curriculum is designed, as per CBSE guidelines, to bring about a holistic development of our students.

Curriculum planning and development is an exhaustive exercise undertaken by us with the sole aim of providing our student learning experiences which are enriching and long term.

The entire Academic Department evaluates the curriculum, teaching methodologies and curriculum execution plans to be undertaken by the A V teaching faculty, regularly.

The use of smart class and other teaching aids is dovetailed into curriculum to make teaching interesting and learning effective The school curriculum is also executed as per a weekly plan and an evaluation of the curriculum coverage is also done.

In the middle and senior school, the curriculum planning is done as per the CBSE guidelines and adequate time is allotted to carry out the planning.

At Elementary Level
  • We focus on learning of Basics of Writing, Reading & Arithmetic
  • Develop social skills
At Primary Level (I to V)
  • Making learning enjoyable by doing
  • Applying formal learning to real life situations
  • Prepare the platform for concept Formation
At Middle Level (VI to VIII)
  • Accepting oneself as individual
  • Communicating effectively
  • Responding correctly to stimuli
  • Be active thinkers
  • Have clear concepts for Math’s, Social Studies and science
At Senior Level ( IX Upwards)
  • Express precisely ideas, concepts-both in speech and writing
  • Interpret and explain
  • Associate learning to other areas
  • Extrapolate effectively
  • Learn Time management
  • Take charge of oneself
  • Identify Interests and Aptitudes
  • Introspect and Reflect
  • Problem Solver